MicroNations Fandom

Good day MicroWikians and unique visitors,

Recently the administration team of MicroWiki has, in order to improve the online encyclopedia and ensure the active adherence of our policies, cleaned up the website over the period of a few months. The MicroWiki Staff have also, as a result of this tedious cleanup, dealt with vandals and constant policy-violators. With that written however, we, the MicroWikian community, must continue to work towards making our encyclopedia comparable with the macronational Wikipedia. Our contributors must also continue to notify the staff of any acts of vandalism and policy-violation.

Nothwithstanding the moderation and cleanup of MicroWiki, we have begun to notify our users and visitors that we have re-enabled the blogging feature. This blogging feature is however only permitted to be used by the MicroWiki Staff for the monthly update, scheduled for the 28th of every month. It will also be used where possible by the MicroWiki Staff to post relevant news from the intermicronational community via collaboration.

MicroWiki has also maintained a constant weekly traffic rate of approximately 8.1k visitors a week, and our numbers keep climbing higher according to statistics in the back-end. On behalf of the MicroWiki Staff, I thank you for continuing to make MicroWiki the best encyclopedia there is for micronations. Let's keep up the good work!