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I was uploading a video on StCharlieBroadcast this morning when I found this message on my inbox:

"Hello, I am The President of the Republic of Danesland. I have one question for you, why have you deleted 3 OF MY PAGES ON MICRO WIKI? If you do not answer me soon, bring back my micro wiki pages and, do not edit my pages with out permision I will be forced to launch a series of pollitical attacks. I will take other formsof action against you if you keep this up including military options. this letter has been sent to:


Department of Security

Ministry of Defence

John Blancherd, key legal advisor

The Danesland Times


Since I asked myself what was the need to send me this on the Youtube account, and not on my talkpage, and since I am an Admin, I will publically reply here for all of you to read.

The pages Mr.Blancherd is talking about (2 actually, not 3) are respectively the article on President James and the article on the Political Parties of Danesland. Yes, I did delete those articles, but merged their content into the MAIN article (more specifically, you can see the difference here). Why ? Both articles were ridiculously small, and without information (particularly the one on political parties, that had only a table with names on it). I was very upset that day of seeing articles like those, and since Danesland's main article is already in need of improvement, I just contributed. Also, bare in mind that I do not delete pages because I love to, or because I don't like them; I'd get my admin powers removed, you know.

Now, I hope Mr.Blancherd was joking: political attacks and military operations. Why not a group of skinheads at my house, or a bomb under my bike ? Please.. I am already questioned myself why you didn't upload this letter on MicroWiki, where everyone could have read it; now I am thinking whether or not laughing at the screen. I don't want to take MicroWiki into this matter, but you've been already threating people with "military attacks" about their land claims. Please stop: noone is interested in overlapping the antarctic claims of Danesland (we already are afraid of your military).

I might sound rude, but I just can't stand this kind of behaviour in a micronationalism that is already decaying.

If the Govt. of Danesland wants to reply to this letter, do so IN MY TALK PAGE or at the St.Charlian e-mail address (federal-republic-stcharlie [at] hotmail.it).

Alexander Reinhardt

p.s If you wish to get screenshots of the message, just ask.

[Added later at 20.40]

I just read on your Times that you took this matter sort-of seriously. Answering to that chunk of text your President said: No, again, I do not think St.Charlie is better than the other micronations. I just think that short articles written with a poor English should be merged to a BIG article.