MicroNations Fandom

By Aryavart:

Hello Respected MicroWikians,

We all have seen and we all well know the actions of Austenasia. We all know this, but still for the sake of clearity and formal decleration, I am describing his actions:

1. He takes unilateral actions wich have caused troubles.

2. He have totally neglected the success of the wiki and claims quantity over quality. But he deleted all any page which he finds stupid, even when it can be improved easily.

3. He favored rival org.uk website which is illegally made. He deleted good pages of Yabloko and Egtavia. He also delete United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago pages just because he hated the founder.

4. He is a suspected spy of rival org.uk and most users believe this.

5. Didn't do any constructive adminstrative work other than blind deletion of pages.

6. Tried to change the name of our wiki from microwiki to microwikia. He also tried to spread the lie that it was always called micriwikia! But this was just an attempt to favor the illegal wiki.

Resquests the wikia staff and community to take away his administrative and bureaucratic rights.