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"Please allow me to introduce myself..."


Hello there! I'm Andrew — but you can call me Sabovia (I'm kidding, you can call me whatever you'd like — as long as it's Andrew!). I've been an active contributer here at MicroNations since May 2012, where I edited under the username of User:Emperor Andrew — which, unfortunately, I forgot the password to, hence this account. I was also a bureaucrat from 2014 to 2018.

I'm currently serving as the Governor of the Austenasian territory of Corinium Terentium. I was the Prince of the Principality of Sabovia from May 2012 until its dissolution and annexation by Austenasia in January 2016.

The nitty-gritty stuff.

I'm twenty-years-old, openly gay, and in a very loving relationship with Harry Fitzpatrick, a former micronationalist who was Prince of Monovia and was one of the two people (the other being User:LurkSAR) responsible for the re-establishment of this wiki.