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About me

National Flag of Rukora.jpg

Hello I am President Turner of Rukora. I wish to make alliances with other nations and for other nations to benefit from us. I will not declare war on any nation unless I have a good reason. Please feel free to look at my nation which is growing fast on MicroWiki.

2013 MFA World Cup

I also wish for as many nations as possible to join the 2013 MFA World Cup. I'm sure it will be great


Don't forget to sign your nations into the MUSC.It's worth it!

My Views

Centre Left, Libertarian, Progressive, Pacifist, (Libertarian Socialist). See Tom Turner for detailed information.

For more information, see Tom Turner

My favorite pages

  • Rukora
  • 2013 MFA World Cup
  • Liberal Party (Rukora)
  • MUSC
  • Parliament of Rukora

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Just one more use for the unused image.