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Qøoɗ non ħoʃʃyɗaʃø mäa, fortyorämø faʃyt This is my User Page. Most of you know me as SkyGreece, but my real name is Emmanuel. Now, because my name in Greek is shortened into Manolis I wanted to use a short version of my name here too. As I couldn't find a short version of Emmanuel in English, I adopted Manu. If you want to learn more about my "career" as a Leader, click here (This page is still under construction).

My Userboxes
Αμ.png This user is a citizen of Mouzilo.
Αμ.png This user is the Emperor of Mouzilo.
StreamFlag.jpg This user is the Mayor of Stream
MPG New.png This user is the Vice-President of Micronational Peace Group
150+ This user's Micronation has a population of more than 150
' This user is a citizen of Ladonia.
EL-5 This user can speak Greek fluently.
GRC-3 This user is learning Ancient Greek and is able to speak Ancient Greek with some mistakes.
EN-5 This user can speak English fluently.
DE-4 This user is leraning and can speak German at a high level, and has a degree.
MZ-1(?) This user is helping to develop Mouzeliot language.
Д-5 This user can read Cyrillic.
588px-Flag-map of Greece.svg.png This user is an ethnic Greek.