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Чесловийа000000000000000.jpg This user was once the President of the Cheslovian Federation
Чесловийа000000000000000.jpg This user is Deputy Minister of Justice in Cheslovia


Welcome to the userpage of Kaznia2!

This account is used by Cheslovians Urosh Dushanov (Deputy Minister of Justice) and on occassions by Boris Groznayev (Minister of Defence). If you have any questions regarding the Cheslovian Federation or even the Baltian states, do not hesitate to ask, depending of the type of questions, an answer will be provided within 1 to 5 days. Any requests for diplomacy should be made on the Cheslovia talk page. Thank you.

If you were familiar with the Micronations.net wiki (which shut down) you will notice that there are currently not as many pages as on Cheslovia as there were on the micronations.net wiki. We will soon put up the old information onto this wiki and also update current Cheslovian and NAFM pages on this wiki.


The Social Industrialists would appreciate your opinion on the following matters:
See 2009 elections for more information The SI would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2009 polls, the information has been noted and has proven to be very interesting to the Cheslovian government.

Useful Links

  • Cheslovian Federation
  • Kingdom of Ud Mahazar
  • Principality of Malokaz
  • Baltian Sector
Чесловискаи Какŏ This users Kaznian name is:
Урош Душанов
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