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THIS PAGE IS COMPLETELY OBSOLETE! EXPECT NO RELIABLE INFORMATION WHATSOEVER. for actual information, go to our microwiki. here is our microwiki page: https://micronations.wiki/wiki/United_States_of_the_Terra_Excelsior_Republic

The United States Of The Terra Excelsior Republic is an independent micronation that left the United States of America on August 28th, 2020.  We are fairly new in this community, and still figuring out what our nation shall entail. Please do not edit this page! Here's a little bit about us:

Government System

We are a constitutional monarchy, with our reigning sovereign being her royal majesty queen Finny of The United States Of the Terra Excelsior Republic. She, however, holds no power, as the real power is within the government. The current president is Silas (last name preferred unknown). He, however, is not head of government, as the president currently only holds the power to pass and veto bills, and command of our armed forces. The true power is in the chancellor, or head of government. the current chancellor is Nico (last name preferred unknown). With the power to have the final say on all interior departments and ministries, as well as presiding over senate proceedings and being the de facto leader of the country, the chancellor "runs the government". Ministers and secretaries run their respective departments and ministries. The supreme court presides over criminal proceedings and acts as the lower house of the legislature. The senate votes on bills to be passed as the upper house of the legislator. And finally, the governors set non-federal laws for their specific states.


The national meal of Excelsior is wild boar ragù. Our national animal is the Eurasian kestrel. The de facto national anthem of the country is "Do You Hear The People Sing" from Les Miserables. The official national anthem of Grandasia, our capitol and the only state with an anthem, is "Komm Gib Mir Diene Hand". We are located in New York City, with land claims in the upper long island. Our major official language is Excelsioran English. Our minor official languages are German, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, and British English. We have two political parties. We are currently a one-party state, with the Democratic-Diplomatic party as the reigning party, due to the collapse of the Democratic-Militarian party on January 11th. We do have a royal family. The royal family consists of her majesty queen Finn, her majesty princess

Lillian, HRM Crown Prince Nico, HRE Baron of Praia Leo, and possibly HRM Crown Prince Silas, and their respective families, holding the rank of viscounts.


The Republic Currently holds a military force, with three branches. The current leader of the military is Major General and President Silas.

Contact us at chancellorofexcelsior@gmail.com! ☀

We do have a website, but due to security matters, you must email to see it.

You can apply for citizenship by email as well!

Here are some photos of our state flags, coat of arms, seal of the chancellor, and his excellency the chancellor's signature.

Here is some additional info:

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