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Republic of New Saigon
National FlagRoSFlag.pngNational SealRoNSSeal.png

Freedom, Progress, and Equality for All!
Call to the Republic
North America, and Southeast Asia
Capital city Wichita
Official language(s) English, Vietnamese
Official religion(s) Buddhism, Catholicism
Short name New Saigon
Demonym Saigonian
Government Constitutional Republic
- President Andrew Le
- Vice President El Bruh Momento (Edward)
Legislature National Assembly
- Last election - May 24, 2020
Established May 24, 2020
Population 5
Currency United States Dollar
Time zone UTC-5 North America, UTC+7 Southeast Asia
National sport Cross-Country
National dish Phở
National animal Lion
Internet Domain .sv

Official State Website

New Saigon, formally the Republic of New Saigon, is a simulationist micronation created in dedication to the former nation of South Vietnam and its capital city, Saigon. Located in North America and Asia, New Saigon was founded on the 24th of May 2020 by Andrew Le, the current president of the republic. New Saigon consists of four regions, including the capital city of Wichita. Three of these regions include the islands of Con Dao, Tho Chu, and Hon Khoai off the coast of southern Vietnam while the last region is the city of Wichita, KS, USA. The republic has 5 official citizens living within the territories of the republic. The capital of the republic is Wichita.

The Republic of New Saigon hails as a constitutional republic, which is a type of government using the constitution as the basis of governance, and the people elect their own representatives to represent them in the National Assembly and Regional Assembly, the legislative processes of the republic.



On the 24th of May 2020, the Republic of New Saigon was founded by its current president, Andrew Le.

On the same day, the first Saigon Presidential Referendum was held and with only one candidate running, Andrew Le won his presidency by default.

On May 27, 2020, President Andrew Le introduced and ratified the constitution of New Saigon. The constitution protects the rights of the people of New Saigon and sets the basic principals for governance in the republic.



The government of the Republic of New Saigon consists of three branches:


Made up of the President. The President has the power to introduce and veto bills to the National Assembly. They also appoint the Supreme Court Justices and can appoint members of the National Assembly.


Made up of the National Assembly of New Saigon. The National Assembly has the power to make laws, declare war, approve treaties, and impeach members of the government.


Made up of the Supreme Court of New Saigon. The Justices are appointed by the President. They have complete responsibility for dealing with cases regarding the law and constitution. The Supreme Court is headed by the Head Justice.



The President of New Saigon is the head of government and state. He or she has the power to sign or veto laws, work on foreign relations and treaties, and appoint federal positions. Once the president is elected, it is the responsibility of the National Assembly to hold another election following the constitution.


The governor acts as the chief executive officer of his or her region and is elected into office. Governors are responsible for making and enforcing local ordinances and is a member of the Regional Assembly.

Member of Assembly (MA)

A member of assembly or M.A has the responsibility for creating laws that are passed if there is a majority vote within the assembly. The M.A is a memeber of the National Assembly which is the legislative branch of the government. Each region has 1 M.A or 5 M.A's.


A minister is the head of a government ministry. A government ministry runs different departments within the government and the minister is appointed by the President.

Head Justice

The Head Justice is the chief judge of the Republic of New Saigon and the Supreme Court. They are the head of the judicial branch of government.

Law of the Land

The constitution of New Saigon is the supreme law of the land. The constitution was ratified on the 27th of May 2020.

Political Parties

Party Name Party Leader Date Created Political Views Favorability
SSLVB Party Zackary Chan 5/31/2020 Far Left
10 / 100
Socialist Unity Party Andrew Le 5/24/2020 Center Left
80 / 100
Conservatives United Party Shane O.N. 5/24/2020 Center Right
10 / 100
Libertarian Front Party N/A 5/24/2020 Far Right
0 / 100

National Symbols

National Anthem

The national anthem of the Republic of New Saigon is, "Call to the Republic" which utilizes, "Call to the Citizens" the former national anthem of South Vietnam before the liberation of South Vietnam by North Vietnamese forces. President Andrew Le chose this song because it represented the deep family and cultural roots of the micronation. As the Republic of New Saigon is dedicated in memorializing South Vietnam, it only made sense to vote and pass "Call to the Republic" as the new national anthem over "Glory to New Saigon." The vote within the National Assembly passed in a landslide victory.

National Flag

The flag of the Republic of New Saigon was created with the former nation of South Vietnam in mind. The two blue stripes represent freedom and justice while the red and yellow were taken in the dedication of the flag of South Vietnam which utilized the yellow and three red stripes.

National Animal

The national animal of the Republic of New Saigon is the lion. The President chose the lion since it is deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture being a significant part of the Tết holiday or Lunar New Year.


Con Dao Archipelago

Condao-1575432484-1575432493-8719-1575432586 1200x0.jpg

Con Dao Archipelago is the home of the proclaimed Lotus Township. Con Dao is similar to many of the other regions with pristine beaches as well as beautiful flora.

Tho Chu Island


Tho Chu Island is home to the proclaimed Coral Lagoona City. Tho Chu island is just south of Vietnam and technically a member of the Phu Quoc islands.

Hon Khoai Islands

Xay-dung-sieu-cang-hon-khoai-theo-mo-hinh-cang-xanh 1.jpg

The Hoa Khoai Islands are home to the proclaimed Khoai Forests township. The Hoa Khoai Islands are one of the "untouched" islands of Vietnam and from the air, look like a green island.


Keeper-CRM0-90eba9295056a36 90ebab7f-5056-a36a-07ed42e3ea553a4a.jpg

Wichita is the capital city and region sort of like Washington D.C. Wichita is in the state of Kansas and is the largest city within the state. It is home to the Keeper of the Plains which is dedicated to the former tribes that roamed the land before the current citizens did.

Foreign Relations

As of the 29th of May 2020, the Republic of New Saigon has positive diplomatic relations with the Kosnian Democratic Republic and the Forwardist Republic of Eastasia.