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The Republic of Istria is a Democratic Parliamentary Republic witch was formed in 2005 after the fall of the Communist Regime of Column Cristian that lasted 5 years. The origins of the Republic date back to 1934 when H.M. Queen Sara I(The grand grandmother of the incumbent President, Iordan Luca Nicolae II) and H.M. King Comp I(The grand grandfather of the incumbent President Iordan Luca Nicolae II) came in the Region of Istria and developed the Royal Kingdom of Istria(First colony of Danmark, The House of Glucksburg, then independent, The House of Istresky-Glucksburg-Oldenburg, later named House of Jordan or Iordan).

Royal History

The House of Istresky-Glucksburg-Oldenburg


H.M. Queen Sara I -Head of the armed forces, Head of The Chamber of Judges and Head of the Royal Bureau

H.M. King Comp I-Head of The House of Princes(Lorde Prince), Head of The Royal Navy and Informative Center of the Kingdom

H.R.H Princess Maríe Nina-Head of the Royal Charities Organization, Head of the Royal Protection Task Force

H.R.H Prince Dimitri George-Head of the Royal Commision on Spendings, Secretary of Taxation


H.M. Queen Maríe I- Head of the Royal Armed Forces, Head of the Royal Bureau

H.M. Prince Phillipe I-Head of The House of Princes(Lord Prince), Head of the Royal Navy, Head of the Royal Informal Treaty Commision.

H.R.H Princess Emma Claraine-Head of the Royal Charities Organization, Patron of 20 Charities

H.R.H Princess Nina Claudia-Head of the Royal Public Discussion Comittie, Patron of 12 Charities

H.R.H Princess Patricia Adriana-No more tasks, her titles wore revoked(Royal Decree for the withdrawal of royal titles no.2/2020) Ex Princess of Garda, Hair to the Throne and Princess of Istresky.

H.R.H Prince Carl Octavian-Patron of 14 Charities, Head of the Royal Comittie of Economy

H.R.H Princess Andreea Beatrice-Patron of 13 Charities

Role of the Royalty:

The role of the royalty in modern Istria is as the constitution states, to protect the judiciary integrity and the power of the law. Having many institutions to provide this role such as:

The Royal Parliament-House of Judges and House of Princes

The Permanent Court of Hamburg-The Supreme Royal Court

The Reformed Church of Istria

H.M. Royal Bureau

The Comitties Union

The Democracy in Istria

The Republic is a parliamentary democratic republic which has divided it s power into three:


The Presidential Administration- The President of the Republic and it s Cabinet Members

The Gouverment of Istria- The Prime Minister of the Republic and it s Cabinet Members


The Parliament of Istria- The House of Deputies and The House of Senators


The Constitutional Court of Istria

The National Direction Anticoruption


Number Name of the President Time served
1 st The Honourable Gentelmen Theodor Adin 2005-2013
2 nd The Honourable Gentelmen Iordan Luca Nicolae II incumbent

Prime Ministers

Number Name of the Prime-Minister Time Served
1 st Mister Andreianu Paul-Andrei 2005-2009
2 nd Mister Balminster Howard 2009-2013
3 rd Mister Petcu Adrian incumbent

Important Cities


The Capital city of Hamburg is divided in 4 Districts:

The Constitutional District

Luca District(or Parliamentary District)

Duba District(or Bank District)

Bloc District(or Gouverment's District)

This city is full of history and culture, it s a little part of the Old Capital of Hamburgese(Royal Times)


Is the Royal Capital of the country, here staying in time of War Their Majesties.


The Palace of Garda(Palazzo Gardale Sumiriale)

The Catedral of Garda(Catedrale Gardale Sumiriale)

The Royal Bank


It is an old Communist city in which the communists ran a project called The Energy Innovation Project.

Has many monuments and even a studio.

Flags and coats of arms

The Presidential Administration Coats of arms

The Gouverment s coats of arms

The Honour Guard(Guard no 1 Gr.Garda) Coats of Arms and The Royal Army Coats of Arms

Coats of Arms of The Chamber of Senators

Administrative Division

There are 19 Regions in the Republic of Istria, each Region being overlooked by a Gouvernor.

Region of the Capital Hamburg

Composed by 1 city, Hamburg divided in districts: 1 st District of Hamburg:Luca, 2 nd District of Hamburg:Bloc, 3 rd District of Hamburg:Constitutional, 4 th District of Hamburg:Duba

Istrienii Region

Composed by 3 cities, Monte Capelone, Histren & Garaj Istriei.

Catalider Region

Composed by 2 cities, Catalider & Cartere.

Kaktov Region

Composed by 7 cities, Kaktov, Bozovic, Victoria Lipan, Kulad, Vandici, Slavonsk pe Ovid, Matovici.

Metropolitan Region of Vacaresti

Composed by 6 cities, Vacaresti, Akelia, Afanasi, Vlodero, Burgo, Balsnita.

Metropolitan Region of Softa

Composed by 4 cities, Softa, Prep, Banska, Crasone

Metropolitan Region of Milata

Composed by 6 cities, Milata, Gheorgheni, Toplita, Florea, Mamaiesco, Bilgrad.

Region of Chievo

Composed by 7 cities, Chievo, Savona, Torresecca, Castellabate, Bobbio, La Spezia Istriana, Diecimiglia.

Region of San Marco

Composed by 6 cities, San Marco, Portochievo, Rusul, Limito, Castello Solfatara, San Leonardo.

Region of Grigoriopol

Composed by 6 cities, Grigoriopol, San Milato, Speia, Vuzica, Vuia, Milatovici

Region of Garda

Composed by 4 cities, Garda, Vroderu de Jos, Vroderu de Sus, Como.

Region of Trnava

Composed by 5 cities, Chivag, Nadalcesti, Babeta, Trnava, Colonia.

Region of Dubasari

Composed by 6 cities, Dubasari, Vrubadi, Rabnita, Colibasi, Ungheni, Sava.

Region of Varzen

Composed by 4 cities, Varzen, Clica, Macau, Mocra.

Region of Islaz

Composed by 2 cities, Bianca and Pandemona.

Region of Nifer

Composed by one city, Nifer.

Region of Sadmir

Composed by 2 cities, Pentovo and Sadmir.

Region of Pia

Composed by 2 cities, Pia and Podisor.

Region of Gostilele

Composed by 1 city, Gostilele.

Region of Pruncu

Composed by 1 city, Prundu.