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Flag of the Princian Commonwealth

This article lists every province and the different types of which within the Princian Commonwealth. Currently within Princia there are eight provinces: three Home Provinces, two Outlying Provinces, one Union Protectorate and one Self-Determined Protectorate. For a list of all Princian subdivisions see the chart here, if there are any discrepancies between this article and the linked chart, the chart will be taken as the official and most up to date.

Types of Province

Standard Provinces

Standard Princian provinces come in two different types, Home Provinces and Outlying Provinces, based on how far the province is from Princia's capital, Warterby. Both Home Provinces and Outlying Provinces elect a Governor-General to lead them (not to be confused with Governors who are elected to lead designated Governorates within the Home Provinces of Addersonheath, Pempire, Cathair and the Outlying Province of the Soeds). Provinces also elect Lord-Ministers to represent them in the House of Lord-Ministers, a constituent house of the Electoral Legislature in the Prince's Order.

Home Provinces

All Home Provinces currently border each other, and two out of the three are former regions of the now partitioned Home Province of Princia. The current Home Provinces are as follows:

Home Province Flag
Home Province of Addersonheath Oldprinciaflag.png
Home Province of Cathairo-Pempire Cathairopempireflag.png
Home Province of Southopearce Southopearceflag.png

Outlying Provinces

Outlying Provinces are the same as Home Provinces, only further from the capital city, and all are former colonies of Princia that have now been integrated as provinces. The current Outlying Provinces are as follows:

Outlying Province Flag
Outlying Province of the Soeds Soedsflag.png
Outlying Province of Stonne Stonneflag.png

Special Provinces

Unlike the two types of standard province, Union Protectorates and Self-Determined Protectorates (SDPs) are not alike in any fashion whatsoever. The only type of special province to elect a Lord-Minister for representation in the Electoral Legislature of the Prince's Order are Union Protectorates - SDPs have no such representation due to their unusually high level of autonomy.

Union Protectorates

Union Protectorates are comparable to colonies in that they have absolutely zero autonomy and are completely controlled by the Prince's Order. Union Protectorates do not elect a Governor-General, as provinces do, but instead have one appointed to the post undemocratically. Not only this, but the role of Governor-General in a Union Protectorate is merely an advisory one. The current Union Protectorates are as follows:

Union Protectorate Flag
Union Protectorate of Allisterloo Allisterlooflag.svg

Self-Determined Protectorates

Self-Determined Protectorates, or SDPs, are highly autonomous forms of self-imposed suzerainty within the Princian Commonwealth in which the tributary state in question is effectively treated as an independent country in everything other than international relations, similar to Special Administrative Regions of the People's Republic of China. SDPs do not elect a Governor-General, but instead maintain their own government, head of state, head of government or anything else of their choosing. The current SDPs are as follows:

SDP Flag
Parvusmount Self-Determined Protectorate Parvusmountflag.png