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Princia (Welsh: Tywysogia), officially known as the Princian Commonwealth, is a principality and provincial union consisting of 5 provinces: Addersonheath, Cathairo-Pempire, Southopearce, the Soeds and Stonne; and 2 protectorates: Parvusmount and Allisterloo. The Princian Commonwealth's 3-digit country code is PRN, which also includes the country codes: ADR, CTH, PEM, STH, SOE, STN, ALI and PRV. Princia as a nation (known externally as a micronation) has existed in many forms since as far back as June 2017, adding its first page to the MicroNations Fandom on 14th January 2018 and starting its transition to MicroWiki on 22nd November 2021. The Princian Commonwealth is described by its government, the Prince's Order, as a secular and extremely liberal nation with a de jure free-market economy but de facto command economy - maintaining a large but significantly devolved public sector, making private enterprise a rarity although legally permitted.


See main article: Provinces of Princia

The Princian Commonwealth is a "country of countries," similar to the United Kingdom. Each "country" is referred to as a province:

Flag Name Abrv. Type Government Governor-General
Oldprinciaflag.png Addersonheath ADR Home Province     
Cathairopempireflag.png Cathairo-Pempire CTH-PEM     
Southopearceflag.png Southopearce STH     
Soedsflag.png The Soeds SOE Outlying Province     
Stonneflag.png Stonne STN          
Parvusmountflag.png Parvusmount PRV SD Protectorate     
Allisterlooflag.svg Allisterloo ALI Union Protectorate     

KEY:      - United Democratic & Liberal Party;      - Metropolitan Party;      - People's Party & Princian Party of Socialists;      - Traditionals Party;      - other; ✖ - does not exist


Provinces (but not protectorates) are able to enter into alliances with each other, these are known as prefectures. Provinces can join, leave or create any prefecture; with each member-province of a prefecture casting a vote to elect a prefect to act as a mediator between the members' relations. All current prefectures are known as fixed prefectures, meaning provinces are unable to leave them, this is due to the 2021 Prefect Act, which created prefectures and set out the starting prefectures that provinces would not be able to change until 1 year has passed. The current prefectures are listed below:

Prefecture Provinces
Addera-Gardica Addersonheath
Efricho The Soeds

Autonomous Areas

All provinces and protectorates of Princia can contain Areas within them. Areas are autonomous regions with their own government and separate elections as well as Unitary ones. Princia's current Areas are listed below:

Area Flag Government Province/Protectorate
Brikkadia Brikkadflag.png      Addersonheath
Dashgamo Harbour Dashgamoflag.png      Allisterloo
City of Warterby Waterbyflag.png      Cathairo-Pempire

KEY:      - United Democratic & Liberal Party;      - Metropolitan Party;      - People's Party & Princian Party of Socialists;      - other



Entity Flag Position
Apachan Pact Apachiland.png Member

Formal Relations

Nation Flag
Republic of New Rizalia FLAGOFNEWRIZALIA.JPG
Nottingham Empire NottinghamFlag.png
Namadovian Despotate Flag of Vlasynia.png
Republic of Apachiland Apachiland.png
United Counties of Rabbistan
Kingdom of Ikonia IKONflag.png
Grand Duchy of Flario Flario Federation flag .jpg
Grand Duchy of Wefren Wefren flag.jpg


National Holidays

  • 1st January - New Year's Day
  • Easter Sunday (pre-noon only)
  • 1st May - May Day
  • 31st October - Halloween
  • 5th November - Bonfire Night
  • 25th December - Christmas Day
  • 26th December - Boxing Day
  • 31st December (post-noon only) - New Year's Eve

LGBTQ+ Rights

Same-sex sexual activity Yes check.png16+yrs
Equal age of consent
Anti-discrimination laws in employment X mark.png
Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas
Hate crimes laws covering both sexual orientation and gender identity Yes check.png
Anti-hate speech legislation
Recognition of same-sex couples (e.g. civil unions)
Marriage Equality (e.g. Same sex marriage)
Adoption by same-sex couples
LGBTQ+ allowed to serve openly in the military
Right to change legal gender
Access to in vitro fertilisation for lesbians
Homosexuals allowed to donate blood

Macronational Recognition

Name Flag Details
Falkland Islands
Princia recognises the UK's sovereignty over the Falkland Islands
Republic of China
Princia recognises the ROC's sovereignty over mainland China and therefore deems the Chinese Civil War illegitimate
State of Palestine
Princia recognises the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine 1948 and the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 (II)
State of Israel
Republic of Crimea
Princia recognises Crimea as an independent nation, not part of Russia nor Ukraine
Donbass Region N/A Princia recognises Ukrainian sovereignty over the Donbass
Derry N/A Princia recognises the name Derry as opposed to Londonderry



The climate of the Princian Commonwealth is a maritime climate and is classed as Cfb in the Köppen climate classification.


The Princian Commonwealth uses Princian Wenter Time (UTC-1:00) from the last Sunday in October to the last Sunday in March, for the rest of the year Princia uses Princian Sumor Time (UTC±0:00). Together these are known as Royal Princian Standard Time.

Schematic Table

Full list of Princian subdivisions as of 10th June 2021

For a completely up-to-date schematic table of geographical subdivisions and their area codes, click here