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People's Republic of Arsalania

The People's Republic is a micronation located in Lahore, Pakistan. The Country is run within a Single Party Democracy Structure, The Socialist Party of Arsalania (SPA) serves as the vanguard party and is currently in power. The country's ideology is Arsalanian Trotskyism, which was established by the Supreme Leader at the time of the formal establishment of the People's Republic. The governing body of the country is the Government of Arsalania, under which several ministries operate, they are listed below.

  • Ministry of the Interior
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs
  • Ministry of Technology and Education
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Internal Security
  • Ministry of Public Relations
  • Ministry of Health

The National Anthem: The Song of the People (Warszawianka)



Arsalanian Trotskyism

Arsalanian Trotskyism is an Ideology created by the Founder of the People's Republic, Supreme Leader Arsal Abbas Mirza. It is a mix of Trotskyism and Traditional Socialism. However, in various different aspects, it differs from both Traditional Socialism and Trotskyism.

While Arsalanian Trotskyism shows support for the following:

  • Support for social revolution in the advanced capitalist countries through working-class mass action.
  • Support for proletarian internationalism.
  • Use of a transitional programme of demands that bridge between daily struggles of the working class and the maximal ideas of the socialist transformation of society.

One of the many ideas and principles in which it differs from Trotskyism is its slightly divided state over the idea of 'Permanent Revolution'.

One of the key differences between Traditional Socialism, Trotskyism and Arsalanian Trotskyism is the large number of freedoms that are granted to the 'Individual' such as the freedom to practice one's Religion without supression, etc

Arsalanian Trotskyism supports a more democratic way of Government than other forms of Socialism. While the title of 'Supreme Leader' has been established for the Head of State of a state following Arsalanian Trotskyism, Many safeguard measures are in place such that if a Head of the state is not mentally stable or is working against the interests of the People, they may be removed democratically through the vote of the National Parliament. This ensures that in the case of a Tyrannical Leader were occur, The National Parliament can safeguard the people and constitution.

The differences listed above are the main differences that Arsalanian Trotskyism possesses from Regular Socialism, In most aspects, it can be said to be a bit similar to Democratic Socialism. While slightly more Statist than Trotskyism it moves away from mainstream Trotskyism and Traditional Socialism by showing tolerance towards a few institutions that most branches of Socialism do not tolerate.

Economically speaking, Arsalanian Trotskyism is largely Socialist, With all Industrial Activity regulated, Run and owned by the state. The Workers are represented by a special committee both within the Regional Council and the National Parliament. The purpose of the Committee is to work towards the representation of the workers, to gradually improve the working and living standards of the People and to inform the members of their respective Legislative bodies about the current issues of the Working Class such that action may be taken accordingly.

On the Matters of War, Arsalanian Trotskyism advocates a Doctrine that supports the idea that during peacetime, The state should strive to maintain excellent relations with all foreign nations and entities, However, if Provoked, or an extraordinary situation may arise such that the cries for intervention become too loud for the state and it's people to ignore, in such a case, It is acceptable for the State to intervene to re-establish peace in a region, To liberate oppressed peoples. If the State is to intervene it is to withdraw as soon as the situation is resolved (for example, If the intervention is to liberate an oppressed people, The Armed forces of the State are to withdraw once the liberated Peoples have formed their own government.) In cases of Invasion, The State is given maximum powers to defend the Motherland.

Arsalanian Trotskyism, Like most branches of Socialism, is against racist ideologies such as the Fascist Totalitarian Ideology practised by the Nazis (Widely known as Nazism) during World War Two.

The People's Republic of Arsalania, being an Arsalanian Trotskyist Country prefers to use Diplomacy to spread Arsalanian Trotskyism, and only under very rare cases would it be acceptable for the State to use force to achieve such a goal.

In many certain aspects, Arsalanian Trotskyism has been found to be quite similar to Centrist Marxism, such as it only taking a Hardline Socialist Stance on Economical matters while not taking a definitive stance on Reform and Revolutions.


To the left: Arsalanian Trotskyism on the political compass

Location and Geography

The People's Republic of Arsalania is located within the city of Lahore in Pakistan. Geographically the People's Republic is dominated by Urban structures, However, two designated regions have fertile soil and are suitable for cultivation.

The People's Republic claims the following land:



The People's Republic of Arsalania is governed under a single-party government structure. Currently, the Socialist Party of Arsalania is in power. The highest authority within the government is the office of the Supreme Leader, which is currently held by the founder of the People's Republic, Supreme Leader Arsal Abbas Mirza. The government operates in the following way:


Each Ministry is overseen by a Minister ( e.g Minister of Foreign Affairs) This may be a democratically elected representative from the National Parliament or one appointed by the State. The ministries have various departments that operate under them with various relevant fields (For example The Research & Development Wing operates under the Ministry of Defence.)

Regional Council

Each Region is overseen by their respective representative in the Regional Council and the National Parliament. They are democratically elected by the population of their respective region and represent their region in the Regional Council as well as the National Parliament.

National Parliament

The Main and foremost legislative body of the Nation is the National Parliament, The National Parliament consists of prominent representatives from the Regional Council, Government Officials and elected members of the Socialist Party, The Sessions of the National Parliament take place in the Roofus 2 District at the designated Legislative zone where accommodation for all Representatives is present. The National Parliament may vote on all matters of National Importance, with issues ranging from Economic factors to Cultural Development. It remains to be one of the most important organs of the Government of Arsalania since the founding of the People's Republic.

National Cabinet

The Ministers and prominent representatives from the National Cabinet. While the ministers gain a permanent seat in the Cabinet once elected or appointed to their respective position, non-ministerial representatives are appointed by the Supreme Leader and are not permanent members of the Cabinet, They may be removed on any grounds at any time and are appointed to the Cabinet to provide more direct representation of their respective region.


The supreme law of the land is the Arsalanian Constitution, It is the responsibility of the Arsalanian People, the state, regardless of the Political Ideology or alignment of the Current Administration to preserve the Constitution such that change only is brought by the will of the people and by democratic vote.


The territory on which the People's Republic of Arsalania has been known as Arsalania even before the People's Republic was formally established. (As a result of the original Arsalanian movement that took place before the formal establishment of the People's Republic)

Formation Period

The idea of Arsalania itself arose in Mid 2017, The current serving Supreme leader, Arsal Abbas Mirza was the one to establish it in it's earliest days. During the formation period, many important events would take place that would shape the idea of 'Arsalania' to what it is today. While the formation period can be described as a period of humble beginnings, many strides were made and quite a lot of work was done, some of which is now lost and is being searched for and subsequently restored by the Government of Arsalania. One of such works was the early Arsalanian Writing system, While the Arsalanian script did not, in theory, exist as its own language, Rather it was a writing system for standard English. However, due to some misplacement by the National Archives, the original drafts for the Arsalanian Script were lost, and their location and current state remains unknown.

Dormancy Period

As time went on the idea of Arsalania began to lose traction and many sorts of crisis befell the Arsalanian people, Such as the Red Noon Incident during which Arsalanians (Specifically, the Arsalanian People's Guards) engaged in a skirmish with an independent group as a result of repeated provocation by the opposing force. The result was a decisive victory and utter humiliation of the enemy. During the dormancy period, many skirmishes took place and the Diplomatic policy of the Arsalanians shifted towards a policy of 'Friends with everyone, But if you mess with us, you'll pay for it'

Establishment of the People's Republic

On the 11th of May, 2019, The Supreme Leader wrote the constitution and formally established the People's Republic of Arsalania. Since then, The People's Republic has made many strides in many fields. Four days after the formal establishment of the People's Republic, On the 14th of May, 2019 the Socialist Party of Arsalania was established. During this time period, Arsalania saw much change, both in the economic stability, National Identity and the prosperity of Arsalania as a whole. This initial era of the establishment period was followed by the 'Era of the Rising Falcon' (2020) which continues on to this day.

The era of the Rising Falcon

Approximately one year after the founding of the People's Republic, Arsalania ushered in a new era of prosperity, braving many crises and issues while growing ever stronger. This is referred to as the 'Era of the Rising Falcon' within Arsalania and by the Government of Arsalania. The Era of the Rising Falcon followed the end of the initial Establishment period of the People's Republic and is currently ongoing. The earlier to mid parts of this era were characterized with an economic crisis (one that the People's Republic is still recovering from) which was immediately followed by the establishment of formal relations with the Forwardist Republic of Eastasia, which led to the beginning of a prosperous mutual relationship between the two nations as well as a Formal Alliance. During this time, The People's Republic began many large scale environmental and agricultural projects, The first of which was Project 'Babylon' which was successfully completed in August later that year. Later in July, The People's Republic was granted admission into the Reformed Intermicronational Confederation (RIC) as an Observer state. Meanwhile, the Government of Arsalania formally established the command structure of the newly created 'Arsalanian People's Army' (APA) to serve as the core unit of the greater Arsalanian Armed Forces (ARF) as well as the general strengthening of the national inventory along with plans to improve operational capability and acquiring of equipment. Early to Mid August 2020 was characterized by many major accidents and economic disasters such as the infamous incident caused in the Internus-2 District, for whom the 1st Cat Commando Company are being blamed for starting an unauthorized 'training exercise' on national plantations which caused large scale damage and has put the 'Neko Corps' under the scrutiny and criticism of the Arsalanian people and the National Parliament. Late August was characterized by the Ministry of Defense hinting about the potential establishment of a new branch of the Arsalanian Armed Forces to operate alongside the APA, no further information was released. On the 25th of August, The People's Republic became a signatory to a historic and incredibly important treaty, known as the 'Yungshin Proclamation' with the Forwardist Republic of Eastasia, Which established the 'New Micronations Internationale' (NMI), the purpose of establishment was to bring together Leftist micronations to achieve like-minded goals of cooperation, progress, intermicronational statuses, equality and leftist unity.

Recent Events

  • At the Stroke of Midnight, On the 1st of September,2020. The Ministry of Public Relations on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs has announced that Project Babylon has been successfully completed. The proposed plantation in the Roofus-1 District has been successfully constructed, The Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs (MAEA) has further commented that the successful execution of this project will help Arsalania in increasing greenery and productivity within its borders. In other news, In a Session of the National Parliament, The 'Unity and Solidarity' Resolution was passed unanimously with all members of Parliament present pledging their support for the initiative, Which is a long-term plan to improve Unity among citizens as well as establish a stronger sense of nationhood as well as empathy for all people's of the world including the citizens of the People's Republic
  • On the 5th of September, 2020 the Ministry of Public Relations announced that the designated legislative zone had been migrated to the Roofus-2 District on request of the Arsalanian People on grounds of it not being feasible, especially with the fact that all National Parliament sessions are conducted at night. All future sessions will take place there.
  • On the 9th of September, 2020 the Ministry of Public Relations publically announced, on behalf of the Ministry of Agricultural and Environmental Affairs (MAEA) that Project Babylon has been a rousing success, they were also pleased to announce that the plantation work has been completed in mid-august (unannounced) along the National Highway-1 (NH-1) has seen satisfactory levels of success (particularly influenced by incidents that took place as a result of which damage to some plantations occurred) In other news, the Arsalanian National Parliament held it's first session of the week, during which further discussion was done about further increasing unity and national cohesion.
  • On the 15th of September, the Ministry of Public Relations, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, Health and the Government of Arsalania itself released a general press release which caused great distress among the Arsalanian People, It's contents were "The Ministry of Public Relations, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, the Office of the Supreme Leader and the Government of Arsalania that, the Arsalanian Armed Forces High Command (ARFHC) has reported that during a routine inspection of the 'Neko Corps' grave reports have surfaced. The CO of the 1st Cat Commando Company, a veteran of all Armed Conflicts that the People's Republic has ever taken part in, a mother of the nation, A source of unity and pride, Unfortunately, however, The ARFHC has learnt that the health of our Comrade Neko is deteriorating at an extremely fast rate, The Ministry of Health has been tasked on discovering and investigating the causes of their current condition." No further information was released.
  • At Approximately 8:03 PM (GMT +5), On the 3rd of October 2020, The People's Republic of Arsalania signed a Treaty of Mutual Recognition with the Democratic Republic of Benjastan, Officially establishing Diplomatic Relations, The two nations had previously co-founded the Leftist Micronational Organization the New Micronations Internationale (NMI), Later, At 11:38 PM The Ministry of Public Relations, on behalf of the Ministry of Finance and the Government of Arsalania that in order to promote the viewership of Anime, A special 'Anime Subsidy' was announced.
  • At Approximately 2:30 AM (GMT +5) On the 8th of November, 2020, The People's Republic of Arsalania signed a Bilateral Declaration of Friendship with the Republic of Kirael.
  • On the 4th of February 2021, The People's Republic of Arsalania signed a Bilateral Declaration of Friendship with the Micronation of the Avigation Vision of Radiator, officially establishing Diplomatic relations and a state of Non-Aggression between the two South Asian Countries, with the Micronation of the AVR being the second south Asian with whom the People's Republic has diplomatic relations with.

Economic Activities

As mentioned before, While the People's Republic is dominated by urban structures, a few regions and their respective districts have fertile soil. These regions have fairly large amounts of vegetation, including trees and other smaller plants. The People's Republic produces the following foodstuff within its own territory:

  • Bananas: One Banana tree is present within the People's Republic and it produces Bananas once a year as per the natural way. Previously, Two banana trees were present, due to a recent incident, One of the trees was been damaged and subsequently lost with the batch of the bananas that were growing on the tree at the time being moved to storage and later being discarded due to various reasons.
  • Lemons: The People's Republic produces a small number of lemons within its own territory.
  • Guavas: The People's Republic produces a fairly adequate amount of Guavas, One Guava tree exists within the borders of the People's Republic
  • Curry Leaves: The People's Republic produces a self-sustainable amount of curry leaves which are used by the civilian populace in preparation of food.

All of the foodstuff produced is utilized by the Arsalanian people to reduce import costs and to move towards self-sufficiency. As of now, Hundred Percent of all Employed citizens work in the Services sector and are the backbone of the exports of the country. One of the many reasons for not exporting produce is the lack of quantity.


The Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs (MAEA) has successfully finished their most recent project, Project Babylon, According to the latest news, the previously published information about the plantation being foodstuff producing has been debunked, and according to the recent statement by MAEA has indicated that the primary purpose of this project was to introduce greenery into the Roofus-1 District and that Project Babylon was not intended to introduce foodstuff producing plants/vegetation. No further projects have been officially announced, however, recently MAEA has recently hinted towards a new project in the Gardimius-1 District. On the 3rd of October 2020, More Information surfaced which pointed towards a possible extension of the aforementioned project to the Rufus-1 District. No further information surfaced.

Diplomatic Relations

While the diplomatic policy of the People's Republic is to maintain good relations with all entities and to only retaliate when provoked, the People's Republic has had diplomatic interactions with the following nations.

  • In May 2019, The People's Republic had some minor diplomatic correspondence with the Aerican Empire
  • On the 17th of July, 2020 the People's Republic of Arsalania officially issued a Declaration of Friendship with the Forwardist Republic of Eastasia.
  • In the Evening of the 19th of July, 2020 The People's Republic of Arsalania officially issued a Declaration of Friendship with the Kreuzland Socialistic Republic.
  • In August 2020, The People's Republic has had diplomatic correspondence with the Republic of Apachiland and has established a diplomatic embassy in their Official National Discord Server.
  • A Proposal for the formation of a treaty of cooperation and establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the People's Republic and the Social Republic of Georgienstine has been submitted, their Legislative bodies have yet to vote on the proposal.
  • At Approximately 8:03 PM (GMT +5), On the 3rd of October 2020, The People's Republic of Arsalania signed a Treaty of Mutual Recognition with the Democratic Republic of Benjastan, Officially establishing Diplomatic Relations, The two nations had previously co-founded the Leftist Micronational Organization the New Micronations Internationale (NMI) This treaty is currently suspended as the Democratic Republic of Benjastan is now in a state of nation sleep for one month.
  • At Approximately 9:58 PM (GMT +5), On the 18th of October 2020, The People's Republic of Arsalania signed the 'Mutual Security Pact' with the West River Confederation, which effectively establishes a state of Non-aggression between the two states, cooperation in Research and Development as well as a military alliance between the two nations.
  • The People's Republic signed a Declaration of Friendship with the Republic of Kirael on the 8th of November 2020.

Micronational Organizations

The People's Republic of Arsalania is associated with the following Micronational Organizations:

Arslanian People's Army (APA)

The Arsalanian People's Army (APA) is the core military unit of the People's Republic. They are and have been since their foundation, a defensive force. They are organized into five Divisions (2 Active Duty, 3 Reserve). They are the successors of the Arsalanian People's Guards (APG)(Pre-Establishment)

Active Duty Divisions

The Active Duty Divisions are as follows:

  • Shaheen شاہین (Falcon) Division
  • Bheyrya بھیڑیا (Wolf) Division

Reserve Divisions

The Reserve Divisions Are as Follows:

  • Sher شیر (Lion) Division
  • Hathi ہاتھی (Elephant) Division
  • Loomri لومڑی (Fox) Division

Special Forces

The People's Republic only fields one Special Forces unit which is the

  • 1st Cat 'Neko' Commando Company (Informally known as the 'Neko Corps')

The 1st Cat commando Company is tasked with night-time operations and security of the People's Republic. They consist of the People's Republic's Feline Population, In recent times, their personnel have been the subject of various controversies, such as the recent series of economic damage caused.

Total Strength

  • 3 Active Duty Personnel
  • 3 Trained Reservists
  • 3 Cats
  • Total Personnel: 6 Personnel + 3 Cats


The Arsalanian People's Army is armed with a wide array of weapons. These include:

  • Several Knives (To be used as a last resort in a close-quarters combat scenario)
  • Multiple Mk.1 Tactical Cricket Bats
  • Water Balloons (For use against Raiders, trespassers and possibly riot control)

Misc Equipment:

  • Mk.1 Binoculars
  • Type 30 Boots, Type 14 Dress Shoes (Ceremonial Use)
  • Type 3 Walkie Talkie
  • Type 1,4 & 5 Water Bottle
  • 3 Type 9 and Type 10 Flashlights
  • Type N4 Headset

Functions and Duties

The People's Army is responsible for maintaining and safeguarding the territorial integrity of the People's Republic and it's citizens. They also provide security to the Supreme Leader. Recently the APA formed a Recon Unit, allowing the People's Army to send a vanguard unit ahead to gather intelligence whenever in an offensive operation. In times of National Emergency, Whether it be in wake of a Foreign Invasion or a natural disaster has struck the People's Republic, The People's Army is mobilized to full strength to perform its duties, Which include defence of the Motherland, Safeguarding of the Arsalanian people against all threats, foreign or domestic. In times of Natural disasters, they work alongside the NEQRF to aid the Arsalanian people and the subsequent clean-up and rebuilding operations.


To this date, The People's Army does not yet have an official uniform which is issued to all members.

However, the Ministry of Defense R&D Wing (MDRW) has released information that they have been working on designing a Uniform for the People's Army.

For now, the People's Army Personnel can be identified by Red Armbands with the national symbol in yellow as well as white headbands with the national symbol in red. Alternatively, they can be identified by a Military Personnel Identifier Card (MPIC) that is issued to all Enlisted Troops. All Active Duty troops are required to display this identifier on their apparel, while reservists are required to have it ready for inspection at any time.

Intelligence Gathering

Rumour has it that there exists a secret intelligence agency that serves directly under the Office of the Supreme Leader and the Cabinet. No Official Information has been released to confirm nor deny the existence of such an organization.

Paramilitary and Law Enforcement

To date, The People's Republic has delegated Law enforcement duties to the People's Army, Primarily due to lack of personnel and necessity as the People's Army has been fulfilling their duties with excellence. The People's Republic does field one Paramilitary Force.

National Emergency Quick Reaction Forces (NEQRF)

The National Emergency Quick Reaction Forces or NEQRF are the only paramilitary force fielded by the People's Republic. The NEQRF is a reserve unit that is mobilized only in times of:

  • National Emergencies (To Provide Medical aid and organize citizens)
  • Natural Disasters (To act accordingly against extreme weather conditions, especially to safeguard Arsal City from rainwater during the Monsoon Season.

Formations fielded by the NEQRF

The NEQRF to date only fields two designated formations (reserve, paper formations until mobilized), These are listed below:

  1. 1st NEQRF 'Wasser' Company (Also known informally as the 1st Wiper Company)
  2. 2nd NEQRF 'Red Syringe' Company (Also known as 1st Med Company)


The Ranks of the NEQRF are filled by able-bodied citizens of the People's Republic who are mobilized in times of National Emergency in order to assist the People's Army, the Arsalanian People in disaster aid, Defensive situations and other times of National Emergency.


The People's Republic of Arsalania has, throughout its history only established one Decoration. It has been so far only awarded twice.

Medal No. Awarded Type Awarded By
The Medal for Self-Preservation against Flying Insects 2 Military and Civilian Government of Arsalania or ARFHC

The Medal for Self Preservation against Flying Insects

(To the Left: The Medal for Self-Preservation from Flying Insects)

Arsalanian Culture, Sports and Traditions

According to the Ministry of the Interior, 100 per cent of the population of the People's Republic identifies as Punjabi.

Arsalanian Culture can be described as a unique fusion of Urban Pakistani Culture, Punjabi Culture as well as a few elements of Persian Culture. Arsalanians strongly believe in family values, Respects for one's parents, Utmost respect for one's relatives, sisters and mothers, Justice and Tolerance for all.

The Arsalanian people commonly address each other depending on the following factors:

  • Government Officials, as well as Parliamentarians and Armed Forces Personnel, are addressed with the prefix of 'Comrade' along with their rank or position i.e Comrade Supreme Leader Arsal Abbas Mirza
  • Arsalanians address their relatives (elders in this case) by their appropriate relation to them, For example, an Arsalanian would simply address their Father by saying بابا (Romanized: Baba, meaning Dad)
  • In the case of younger relatives, Or those of similar age, Arsalanians simply refer to them by their first name, For example, Arsal.

Arsalanians Refer to the People's Republic as the "Motherland"

Ethnic Demographics and Language

The Ethnic and Cultural Background of the Arsalanian people is a mix of Persian and Kashmiri Heritage (With Persian being more dominant in terms of features).

In terms of Language, According to information released by the Ministry of Technology and Education, 100 per cent of the population of the People's Republic is fluent in English, Urdu and Punjabi with English being spoken mainly as a secondary language in day to day interactions as well as one of the three Official Languages (The languages being used in an Official Capacity by the Government). Meanwhile, Urdu and Punjabi are spoken on a regular basis during almost all interactions with Either Urdu or Punjabi being spoken.

Anime and Weeb Culture

In recent times, Japanese Anime began to gain popularity within the People's Republic, With 12.5% of the Population being viewers of Japanese Anime as well as identifying as weebs in May 2019.

Approximately One Year later, It began to gain significant traction yet again in May 2020 after Supreme Leader Arsal Abbas Mirza became a Weeb himself, As such, Measures were taken for the promotion of Anime within Arsalania. As such, currently, 25% of the Arsalanian Population are consumers of Japanese Anime as well as other related content such as various Mangas.

United Weebs with Unison (UWU), The sole Arsalanian organization representing the Arsalanian Weeb Community, has recently released their Observed Information about the most Popular Animes in Arsalania, These are:

  • School Days
  • Girls und Panzer
  • The Saga of Tanya the Evil
  • Konosuba

Unlike some sections and parts of the Weeb Community, Arsalanian Weebs, While being almost identical to Pakistani Weebs (Which also remains their Macronational Identity), Arsalanian Weebs have been observed as to not practice 'Waifu' Culture as much, And similarly to that of Pakistani Weebs, They do not generally purchase or possess Dakimakuras or Body pillows (Generally having Images of Anime characters on their covers), Not only that, Arsalanian Weebs also possess a slight deviation from that of Pakistani Weebs, such that they Never watch dubs, No matter what. This aspect of Arsalanian Weeb Culture is often joked about, However, it remains quite important and Arsalanian Weebs have given many arguments throughout the passage of time to justify their positions on dubbed Anime.

On the 3rd of October 2020, The Ministry of Public Relations, on behalf of the Ministry of Finance and the Government of Arsalania that in order to promote the viewership of Anime, A special 'Anime Subsidy' was announced.


According to the National Cricket Association of Arsalania (ACA), Approximately 50% of the population of the People's Republic has played or plays Cricket from time to time, It remains to be the second most popular sport in the People's Republic.

Furthermore, According to the National Football Association of Arsalania (NFAA), Approximately 70% of the population of the People's Republic, Has or regularly plays Football in an unofficial or informal capacity. It remains the most popular sport in Arsalania

These two are followed by Badminton with over 40% of the Population having played it extensively in the past or in recent times in an informal capacity.

Viewership of Sports-related Telecasts

However very little to no Arsalanians watch Cricket or Football matches, With the FIFA World Cup or any the Cricket World Cup being an exception when viewership rates spike to very high levels. Arsalanians have historically shown support to Pakistan, Which being the Macronational State Arsalania is associated with, Arsalanians are seen rooting for Pakistan during the Cricket World Cup.

As for the FIFA World Cup However, The Arsalanian people have not been observed to have any specific affiliation with any specific Football team and tend to remain more or less neutral as to who wins and only watch it due to their attachment and relationship with the sport. Their support for Teams as such depends on what country is winning and their own opinions of that specific country.


Arsalaniaball is the countryball personification of the nation of the PRA. Arsalaniaball remains diplomatic most of the time, seeking to remain at good terms with everyone while silently observing the acts of others. However, if provoked they have been observed to act with complete decisiveness.

Arsalaniaball wears a red cap with the National Symbol, a falcon, which is also the national animal.

Arsalaniaball currently only has one friend, Eastasiaball , and has very close relations with Eastasiabal.