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The New Micronations Internationale (NMI), is an intermicronational organization that seeks to bring leftist micronations together to achieve like-minded goals of cooperation, progress, intermicronational statuses, equality and leftist unity.

The NMI was established on 25 August 2020 by the Forwardist Republic of Eastasia and the People's Republic of Arsalania. After proclamation, the Democratic Republic of Benjastan and Altavia (now Seabourg) joined, creating the Formation Unit.

Structure - Before November Reforms

The New Micronations Internationale used to consist of three organs, the Popular Assembly, the Research and Cooperation Wing, and the Union of Parties.

Popular Assembly (PA)

This assembly consists of all the delegates from the member states and the member parties, the Popular Assembly's job is to decide on matters that have been proposed by member states. The PA is overseen by the Overseer of Commissions, whose job is to approve delegates to join and keep order in the PA. A micronation may have more than one delegate in the PA based on their population, and it's 1 delegate/12 citizens. There is also a Central Council that keeps order in the NMI and also organizes voting events.

Committee for Research and Cooperation (CRC)

The main use of the CRC is to let members that have decided to join to share projects, topics, and information. In this way, they can learn about each other while progressing.

Union of Parties (UoP)

The UoP is a semi-autonomous organ of the NMI that consists of all the member parties, the UoP's job is to help each other parties to strengthen their influence in their micronation which their party is from. The UoP have the support from member states, and is also under supervision by them.

First Administration

Name Member nation Start of term End of term PA Faction
Overseer of Commissions Yi-An Su Forwardist Republic of Eastasia 2020/9/18 2020/12/18 N/A
Vice Overseer of Commissions Arsal Abbas Mirza People's Republic of Arsalania 2020/9/18 2020/12/18 N/A
Director of the Union of Parties Benjamin Pickles Democratic Republic of Benjastan 2020/9/18 2020/12/18 N/A
Director of the Committee for Research and Cooperation Paris Wright Windovian Commonwealth 2020/9/18 2020/12/18 N/A

Second Administration

Name Member nation Start of term End of term PA


Chairman of the PA Benjamin Pickles Democratic Republic of Benjastan/West River Confederation 2020/12/18 2021/3/18 NMI Greens
Vice Chairman Yi-An Su Forwardist Republic of Eastasia 2020/12/18 2021/3/18 Worker's Revolutionary


Director of the CRD Arsal Abbas Mirza People's Republic of Arsalania 2020/12/18 2021/3/18 Socialist Unity Party
Outreach Coordinator Paris Wright Seabourgian Commonwealth 2020/12/18 2021/3/18 NMI Greens

Structure - After November Reforms

The Popular Assembly is now run by a parliamentary-like system, with delegates able to form factions inside the Popular Assembly. The Overseer of Commissions's name changed to the Chairman/Chairwoman of the Popular Assembly. The Chairman/Chairwoman of the PA's jobs include • Moderate debate in the Assembly • Oversee votes on legislation The leader of the biggest faction in the Popular Assembly will hold the position as Chairman/Chairwoman of the PA. The person can also appoint the Vice Chairman/Chairwoman of the PA, the Director of the CRD, and the currently temporarily dissolved Union of Parties' Director.

Rules: The Chairman/Chairman of the PA must pick someone from another party for Vice Chairman/Chairwoman.

The Committee for Research and Cooperation changed its name to the Committee for Research and Cooperation. It's main job is now to form teams to help members with the development of their Microwiki/Fandom page, or to help out in their Discord server. The Director of the CRD's current tasks beside the supervision of the CRD, is to write official documents for the NMI.

The Union of Parties is renamed the International Union of Political Parties and Movements(IUPPM)

Popular Assembly factions

Logo Name Leader(s) Ideologies Abbreviation Delegates
UEPA flag.png Union for Environmental and Proletarian Action Benjamin Pickles and Yi-An Su
  • Democratic socialism
  • Environmentalism
  • Syndicalism
  • Libertarian socialism
  • Eco-Marxism
  • Eastasian Forwardism
  • Picklism
983px-SAC-logo.png Revolutionary Communist Workers' Party Collective leadership
  • Anarcho-Communism
  • Syndicalism
  • Feminism
  • Autonomism
  • Libertarian possibilism
Socialist Unity Party.png Socialist Unity Party Arsal Abbas Mirza
  • Socialism
  • Centrist Marxism
  • Arsalanian Trotskyism

Member States-13

Diplomatic FlagE-1.png

Forwardist Republic of Eastasia

Flag of Arsalania-0.jpg

People's Republic of Arsalania

Seabourg flag1.png

Seabourgian Commonwealth

National Flag Of Benjastan-0.png

Democratic Republic of Benjastan

Free Anarchist Republic of Matryoshka


Augustanian Democratic Republic


Autonomous Socialist Republic of Griffasus

People's Socialist Republic of O'Duighan

IMarkup 20201002 095126.png

Union of Zerberian Socialist Republics

Federative Republic of Bryantia

4th Flag of Kirael.jpg

Republic of Kirael

Flag 2.png

Socialist Republic of Western Prussia


Democratic Republic of Bombora

Observer States-0

Member Parties-3

Socialist Labour Party - Social Republic of Georgienstine


Communist Party of Purnam - Fatherdom of Purnam


Snagovian People's Party - Snagovian Federal Republic

Observer Parties-1

Image0 (2)-0.jpg

Tree Party - People's Republic of Tesforia