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Nerland, also known as the Talamhcliste Imperiacht in Gaelic is a micronation in northern New Jersey, mainly located along the Raritan and Passaic Rivers. The nation is very compact and does not wish to overextend it's borders unless it is necessary. It holds knowledge and research as some of its founding values and is nation of origin for the Méadú Agus Loighic ideology.


Origins & the Toppat Clan (Pre-2015)

Before Talamhcliste, Mórimpire Ishaan was the boss of his own group known as the Toppat Clan. Today this group is recognized as the first pre-Talamhclisteach entity. The clan would break up in early 2015 when many lost faith in its power.

Rise & Fall of the Republic (2015)

In later 2015, Ishaan and the Council of Nerds declared the "Republic of Nerdlandia", an oligarchical republic based on pure Méadú Agus Loighic, at the time known as Logikism. This name was deemed too long and changed to Nerland. The republic was unable to get anything acomplished and Chancellor Sanders was not the right leader the country needed to govern. This led to the Council to choose Ishaan to rule once more. He quickly abandoned the failed republic and Ishaan installed a new dictatorship, becoming the Supreme Despot.

Early Despotic Era (2015-2017)

This proved successful and allowed the nation to easily be governed with only having to ask one guy when making decisions. Supreme Leader Ishaan Rambogan took on the title of Mórimpire (Greater Emperor) in this era. Field Marshal Liam joined the ranks of the government with Ishaan & Liam creating many battle plans. Marshal Liam was instrumental to the creation of the original government. After his departure to the U.S. State of Georgia where he formed a new territory and continued to expand the influence of Talamhcliste throughout new areas, the nation known as Astovia was created. Many citizens of Talamhcliste wished to see Astovia wiped off the map like Former Duke Lynch of Lyslia in the Warmonger Crisis of 2017. This popular action of war was prevented due to Mórimpire Ishaan's longstanding friendship with Emperor William and desire to keep peace.

Trials of Diplomacy & the Astovian Civil War (2018)

In 2018, Talamhcliste entered the League of Micronations, opening the nation to new opportunities. During the Astovian Civil War of 2018, King William of New York awarded the islands of Saint Pierre et Miquelon and Prince Edward Island. After the war, the treaty of Somerset was signed and Talamcliste seized the half of Connecticut west of the Connecticut river while conceding lands on the western boarder to Astovia. On the 16th of October 2018, Talamhcliste joined the NAP with Astovia and others.

Concords and Intermicronational Formations (2019)

In 2019, Talamhcliste became a member state of the Reformed Intermicronational Confederation as well as the Alliance of the Crowns which allowed Talamhcliste yet more diplomatic relations and opportunities. The year also came with new reforms in language, titles and culture to give the nation an increasingly distinct identity.

Coronavirus Plague and Reorganization (2020-2021)

Despite previous policy, Talamhcliste saw a time of withdrawal from intermicronational politics. Entering a phase of isolationism, the nation made very little change for early 2020. With the new Covid-19 Pandemic sweeping the world into chaos, Talamhcliste saw this as a time to reconvene. Reviewing the many far flung territories of the Imperiacht, several were realized to be more trouble than they were worth, namely the Duchy of Brian Boru and most of the claims in Connecticut. Now no longer overextended, Talamhcliste was able to conciliate its holdings. The November 24th 2020 Territorial Reorganization saw the borders of the mainland officially staked once again with an atlas to boot. On September 30th, 2020, the Talamhcliste Imperiacht celebrated 5 full years of self governance and independence.

Present Day

Today, the nation of Talamhcliste is very prosperous compared to the rough republic of the early days and Mórimpire Ishaan wishes to further the growth that the nation is observing.


Talamhcliste has greatly evolved in terms of it’s geography as time progressed. Once making the bold claim of all of North New Jersey and Staten Island, the nation became more condense. Today, Mainland Talamhcliste constitutes the area between the Raritan and Passaic Rivers, along with the Appalachian foothills that they surround.

Atlas of the Mainland of the Talamhcliste Imperiacht


Barony of Bernardsville

The Barony of Bernardsville was the first duchy to be created by Talamhcliste. It only consists of the town of Bernardsville and Baroness Aine still promising to form militias.

Barony of Nutley

The Barony of Nutely was formed in the Christmas Conference of 2017. It consists of the town of Nutely and Baroness Maya wishes to spread the promises of her barony into the town.

Barony of Denville

The Barony of Denville was formed in the Christmas Conference of 2017. It consists of the town of Denville and Baroness Avni is determined to make Denville an economic center in Talamhcliste.

Barony of Piscataway

The Barony of Piscataway was granted to Baron Michael in 2018 and consists of the town of Piscataway.

Republic of Beckland

The Republic of Beckland is a Republic carved out of the Talamhcliste Antarctic Territories. It used to be known as the Duchy of Beckland, but President Ravencroft reformed the government into a republic.


In Talamhcliste, titles are the rights to have a position in government, own an area of land or other less important things. The titles are:

Title Type Owned by
Mórimpire of the Talamhcliste Imperiacht Mórimpire Mórimpire Ishaan
Kingdom of Talamhcliste Feudal Mórimpire Ishaan
Duchy of Nerland Feudal Mórimpire Ishaan
Duchy of Raritan Feudal Mórimpire Ishaan
Duchy of Passaica Feudal Mórimpire Ishaan
Duchy of Ardsruth Feudal Mórimpire Ishaan
Duchy of the Logantacht Elected Clan Logan
Republic of Beckland Elected President Ravencroft
County of Nerland Feudal Mórimpire Ishaan
County of Morris Feudal Mórimpire Ishaan
County of Talamhard Feudal Mórimpire Ishaan
County of North Raritan Feudal Mórimpire Ishaan
County of South Raritan Feudal Mórimpire Ishaan
County of Saoria Feudal Mórimpire Ishaan
County of Saffron Feudal Mórimpire Ishaan
County of Passaica Feudal Mórimpire Ishaan
County of Logantacht Feudal Mórimpire Ishaan
Barony of Bernardsville Feudal Baroness Aine
Barony of Nutley Feudal Baroness Maya
Barony of Piscataway Feudal Baron Michael
Barony of Denville Feudal Baroness Avni
Lord of the Raritan Feudal Mórimpire Ishaan


Talamhcliste Imperiacht

The Talamhcliste Imperiacht consists of only the Kingdom of Talamhcliste. It is the primary title of Mórimpire Ishaan and his empire.


Kingdom of Talamhcliste

Talamhcliste is comprised of the Duchies of Nerland, Raritan, Passaica and Ardsruth and the counties of Nerland, North Raritan, South Raritan, Passaica, Saffron, Saoria, Morris and Talamhard. Before the formation of the Talamhcliste Imperiacht title, this was the primary title of Mórimpire Ishaan. Today, this Kingdom is within the realm of the Talamhcliste Imperiacht.


Duchy of Nerland

This duchy only contains one county, Nerland. It is the seat of power for the entire Imperiacht and residence of the Mórimpire. The territory of the duchy once lined up with the Jerseyite county of Somerset prior to the November 24th 2020 Territorial Reorganization.

Duchy of Raritan

This duchy consists of the counties of North Raritan and South Raritan. As the name states, this duchy is based around the mouth of the Raritan River as it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. It was formed from the November 24th 2020 Territorial Reorganization, mainly from the Jerseyite county of Middlesex.

Duchy of Passaica

This duchy consists of the counties of Passaica, Saffron and Saoria. The duchy corresponds with the path of the Passaic River. It was formed from the November 24th 2020 Territorial Reorganization, mainly from the Jerseyite counties of Essex and Union.

Duchy of Ardsruth

This duchy consists of the counties of Morris and Talamhard. The name Ardsruth is Gaelic and translates to 'High River' due to being the source of many streams and waterways. It was formed from the November 24th 2020 Territorial Reorganization, mainly from the Jerseyite counties of Morris and Somerset.

Duchy of the Logantacht

This duchy comprises of the lands held by Clan Logan and other relatives of the Mórimpire in the US state of Connecticut. Logantacht is controlled by the Clan Logan, a close relative of Mórimpire Ishaan's dynasty.

Republic of Beckland

This republic derives it's name from a relative of Mórimpire Ishaan and is held by President Ravencroft. Although having the name of republic, this title is on the same level as a duchy. It is within the Kingdom of Antarctica. It is a desolate territory and undesirable for conquest, some question if it is worth maintaining such a far flung claim.

Types of Titles


Allows you to be the Mórimpire of all of Talamhcliste. It is passed down to the eldest child, but if all the children are not fit to rule, the Mórimpire gives their inheritance to their closest relative.


Allows a duke or duchess to own a tract of land in Talamhcliste. It is passed down to the eldest child, but if all the children are not fit to rule, the duke can give his land to anyone in his will he trusts.


Elected titles are titles that can be given to anyone if they pass through the standard voting system. It depends what specific title it is for in terms of how much power the person will have, their term limit and if they control land.


Titular titles are custom made titles created by vassals or the Mórimpire. After a year, the titular title will become legitimate and will become a duchy, an elected title or something new. To create a titular title:

  1. Create a name and purpose of the titular title
  2. Contact the Mórimpire so it can become official
  3. Get a flag or coat of arms from the Mórimpire
  4. Create rules for the new titular title
  5. Have these rules approved by the Mórimpire
  6. Put yourself or someone else in charge of the titular title

Note: If title holder breaks the laws of Talamhcliste, as punishment the titular title may be destroyed

Politics & Government

The government of Talamhcliste is an Enlightened Autocracy founded on principles of knowledge and order. It takes the absolute rule of Molossia and American government with states. If an entity or person owns a sizable piece of land, they will be invited to the Comhcheangal. This is a system of governing allows the lords and ladies of the nation to be represented.

The Mórimpire

The Mórimpire is the highest authority in the Talamhcliste Imperiacht with absolute power. Only a person of sound mind, thought and body may take up this position. With such great authority in the nation, only a pure ruler is required for the task.


The Comhcheangal or 'the Combination' is the secondary governing body of Talamhcliste in which the lords and ladies of the nation meet. The first meeting of the Comhcheangal was in the 30th of April, 2018

Diplomacy & International Relations

Astovian Union

The Astovian Union or Astovia has been a staunch ally of Talamhcliste from the formation of the nation on 29th November, 2017. The leaders of Astovia, Emperor William Attkins and Mórimpire Ishaan Rambogan of Talamhcliste are close friends.

League of Micronations

Talamhcliste has been a member of the League of Micronations since 2018 and uses it's services for legitimacy and protection.

Alliance of Micronational Crowns

Talamhcliste has been a member of the Alliance of Micronational Crowns since the 22nd of July, 2019 and uses it's services for legitimacy and protection.

Reformed Intermicronational Confederation

Talamhcliste has been a member of the Reformed Intermicronational Confederation since 2019 and uses it's services for legitimacy and protection.

Culture and Traditions

Since Neland is placed in the United States of America it speaks English, but has also invented Talamhclisteach "improved" English. The culture is is heavy influenced by European cultures such as Irish, German and Italian and also Asian cultures such as Indian, Filipino, Cantonese, Korean and Han Chinese. The three main religions of Talamhcliste are Christianity (Catholic & Protestant), Hinduism and Judaism with a sizable Atheist population. The government of Talamhcliste itself is secular.

National Symbols

Name Symbol Symbolism Use
Star of the Mórimpire
Nerland-but-updated 6.02.24 PM-1.png
Represents the vision of Mórimpire Ishaan Rambogan, first ruler of the Talamhcliste Imperiacht. National Emblem
Nerland Tricolor
Navy Blue represents the Past, Self Determination and Liberty, Saffron represents the Present, Progress and Science and Absolute White represents the Future, Ambition and Truth. National Colors

Cultural Geography

  • Capital Region - Land of the Mórimpire Ishaan Rambogan. Diverse with Irish, Indians, Germans, Asian and Italian.
  • Raritan Valley - Areas of land surrounding the Raritan River.
    • Upper Raritan Valley - Mostly American, Indian and Asian influence especially in the golden Sri Venkateswara Temple
    • Lower Raritan Valley - Heavly Indian and Asian influence such as in Edison.
  • Appalachian Foothills - Mostly American, with connections to the further inland peoples.
  • Passaic Valley - Diverse area with more Italian and Hispanic influences.


Name Reason Time
Imbolc Ancient Irish holiday for Brigid, Goddess of Spring, Fertility and Blacksmithing February 2
Beltane Ancient Irish holiday for the Tuatha Dé Danann on the halfway point between spring equinox and summer solstice May 1
Voting Day Day in which all elections take place May 2
Progenitors Day Reverence and respect for one's parents and ancestors May 13
Lughnasadh Ancient Irish holiday for Lugh, God of Crafts and Art, Great Warrior and Savior of the Irish against the Fomorians August 1
Talamhclisteach Awakening Day Independence and Self Governance September 30
Samhain Ancient Irish holiday of the transition from Summer to Winter October 31
Diwali Sacred Hindu holiday for Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth Autumn (Fluctuates due to Hindu calendar)

Méadú Agus Loighic

Méadú Agus Loighic or Expansion And Logic is the guiding principle of Talamhcliste. The philosophy is designed to rid the mind of corruption such as misinformation, half-truths and lies. In Talamhcliste, intelligence and moral standing decides you.


For any people seeking more information, here is the place

Christmas Conference of 2017

The Christmas Conference was a meeting of Duchess Aine, Duchess Maya, Duchess Avni, Duke Rishi, Duchess Clare and Mórimpire Ishaan to create new titles and create new laws. The meeting also aided the member's local problems and issues.

Duchy of Lyslia

The Duchy of Lyslia was a title given to Duke Lynch and it is located in the eastern side of Warren Township in the Watchung mountains. This title was revoked when Duke Lynch tried to start a war with Astovia in the warmonger's crisis of 2017.

The War in Silence

The war in silence was fought just before the creation of Kaitain, in 2017, A silent war was fought, to destroy current powers and install Talamhcliste as the main power, the weapon of choice was always espionage. The war ended in success for Talamhcliste.

Duchy of Kaitain

After the departure of Field Marshal Liam to the U.S. State of Georgia, he created a military presence in the town of Canton and continues to expand Talamhclisteach Influence through espionage and other secretive tactics. Other powers inside the new Kaitain Territory (created 2017) were completely neutralized through forcing enemy powers into submission and espionage to transform them into new Talamhclisteach territories. The duchy later exited the Talamhcliste Imperiacht in 2018.

Duchy of Brian Boru

This duchy was gain during the Astovian Civil War after a deal with Emperor William. It compromises of Brian Boru Isle (Prince Edward Island) and Saint Pierre et Miquelon. This duchy is named after Brian Boru, the high king of Ireland closest to unifying the island. It was later renounced by the Mórimpire on November 23rd, 2020.