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MicroWiki is an encyclopedia centered on the subject of micronationalism, which is collaboratively written by micronationalists and non-micronationalists alike. This site is a wiki, which means it can be edited by anyone — including you, providing you have a Wikia account. You can edit non-protected pages by pressing the Contribute button at the top of said page.

MicroWiki follows a similar set up to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

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MicroWiki has a few policies and guidelines that you should to look at. The four most essential principles are NPOV, CC-BY-SA, and civility. What do these mean?

  • NPOV, or neutral point of view, means that articles must not be biased, and should represent differing views on a subject fairly.
  • All contributions to MicroWiki are published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (CC-BY-SA). This specifically ensures that MicroWiki will remain freely distributable in perpetuity. Please do not submit any content that is copyrighted without permission of the copyright holder. (See Copyrights for more information).
  • Civility. MicroWiki works by cooperation and consensus, and therefore mutual respect; please assume good faith when you disagree with them, remember to say cool, and not personally attack them.