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The purpose of MicroWiki's talk pages is to provide a place where an article's contents can be discussed, and if deemed necessary by community consensus, changed. Talk pages should not be used to conduct diplomacy, to voice your personal opinion or to attack other users.

When replying to a user on a talk page, remember to communicate clearly, be courteous and considerate.

Central points

Creating a talk page

How to use article talk pages

Behaviour that is not accepted

  • No personal attacks. Personal attacks are attacks on a person's character, rather than their argument. This also includes:
    • No insults: Do not use ad hominem attacks, such as calling someone a nazi or an idiot — even if they are.
    • Do not threaten people: For example, threatening to get someone banned for disagreeing with you, or with "an admin you know". Explaining to an editor the consequences of violating MicroWiki policies, like being blocked for vandalism, is permitted however.
    • Do not misrepresent other people: No strawmans. Be precise with quoting, do not alter anyone's signatures, et all.
    • Do not ask for another's personal details
    • Do not impersonate other editors
    • Do not claim to be an administrator or claim to have an access level that you do not have