MicroNations Fandom

MicroWiki intends to be an encyclopedia, and not a directory (for example, a list of citizens of your nation). It is generally assumed that if this information is considered important, a link to MicroCommons will be presented instead. Information will be not considered a directory if there is a long explanation following the list item. Exceptions are articles such as list of micronations, which have wiki-wide importance or lists of members of organisations (unless it is an entire article devoted to such topic).


National Holidays of the Republic of Example

  • Founders Day (25 June)
  • Diplomacy Day (26 June)
  • Constitution Day (17 November)

Proper way

The Republic of Example celebrates several national holidays.

Linking to Commons

You can link to Commons in two ways

[[w:c:microcommons:Name of your Article|Name of your Article]]


{{Co|Name of your Article}}


{{Commons|Name of your Article}}

Each version has the same effect.