MicroNations Fandom

  • Q: What is a micronation?
    • A: A micronation is a small nation that declares itself and behaves like a country, with its own government, land, and people, but isn't recognized by internationally respected countries like the U.K., Russia, or the U.S.A.
  • Q: How do I start a micronation?
    • A: There are many ways to start a micronation. A good resource to follow is "How to Start Your Own Micronation", written by the leader of Molossia, one of the most famous micronations.
  • Q: Are micronations some sort of game or simulation?
    • A: Most well-known micronations have actual land, actual people, and actual governments. Pretend nations and simulated countries aren't always considered micronations, but they can be similar. Please keep in mind that most micronations that have physical land, actual citizens and permanent governments may not recognize pretend nations and roleplaying as true micronationalism.
  • Q: What are some examples of successful micronations?
    • A: That depends on your definition of success. Some micronations may become ultra-famous or ultra-rich, only to become defunct later. Other micronations are formed as a form of protest, and many formed for this purpose get their point across. Yet still, others are formed for personal entertainment (these personal entertainment micronations are most likely never widely recognized as real), and others still maybe formed to help others.
  • Q: What does "MN" stand for?
    • A: It stands for micronation.

  • Q: What is MicroWiki?
    • A: MicroWiki is an encyclopedia/database about micronations and their culture.
  • Q: How can I get my micronation known on MicroWiki?
    • A: Start an article! Tell us as much information as possible about your micronation; the more you share, the more interesting your micronation may seem. Be sure to add pictures, such as photos of your micronation, a picture of its flag, its coat of arms, and perhaps a simple map or two. Make it look inviting and grand. You can ask other users for help and/or suggestions, if you'd like.

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