MicroNations Fandom

Forum participation is actively encouraged. Just remember: personal attacks won't be tolerated, and you should make every effort to stay on topic in any given thread. Posts which stray from the point may be deleted without warning.

People from all around the micronational world read and edit the forums. Like any collaborative effort, not everyone will agree all the time, but it's important to keep things civil and be open minded about differing opinions.

So don't say rude things about other people—only comment on the substance of their ideas. If you choose to disregard this warning, you will most definitely receive a merciless, swift and permanent ban from MicroNations Fandom.

Editing your own posts

You may edit your previous posts so long as:

  • No one has already quoted your comments. It's unfair to make a later poster look like they've misquoted you.
  • You are not changing your basic position. Don't agree to a certain position then edit your post such that it appears you now disagree with that position. If you want to change your mind, you must do so in a wholly new post.

When your post may be deleted or moved

Your thread or post may be moved to the Archive, or if you've posted in the wrong place, to the correct board.

MicroNations Fandom's administration reserves the right to delete any thread for whatever reason—although they only very rarely exercise this right. They may delete your thread or post if they believe:

  • You've posted a comment that is off-topic.
  • You've introduced unhelpful language in a technical thread.
  • Your post is materially wrong in a technical thread, and could therefore lead to confusion about how to use the MediaWiki software or any services provided by Wikia, Inc.
  • Your post or thread attacks another user or offends other, reasonably-applicable policies.

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