MicroNations Fandom

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This is a database of Micronations, small nations, created for various purposes, that simulate the proceedings of a real country. This database includes listings of micronations, micronational organizations, and government agencies of micronations. The page was founded in 2001, and is now largely maintained by the government of Arlberg, however, all micronations are welcome to post and edit.

For the version of this encyclopedia in Portuguese, visit http://pt.micronations.wikicities.com or use an electronic translator.

Existing Micronations

  • Aerican Empire
  • Anewgo
  • Beardmonkeya
  • Bolsvandia
  • Carpathian Empire
  • Dominion of British West Florida
  • Empire Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah
  • Empire of Atlantium
  • Protectorate of Forbes
  • Kingdom of Lovely
  • Holy Empire of Tritoniakamia
  • Mañana
  • Orange (Formerly Empire Of The Marlfox)
  • Principality of Fergustein
  • Satirocity
  • Swatland
  • The Kingdom of Joshland
  • The Kingdom of Talossa
  • The Kingdom of Vernmark
  • The Kingdom of Virtustan
  • The Republic of Mania
  • The Republic of Talossa
  • The Republic of Texas
  • Tycoonia
  • TTF-Bucksfan
  • Umoria
  • United Arlberg Commonwealth
  • Vallicoria
  • Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia

Micronations That Are No More

  • Empire of Seraya (formerly Principality of Seraya)
  • Geicoland
  • Kill All Nations Nation
  • Skull Country
  • Slappy Dappy
  • The Republic of Matt

Intermicronational Organizations

  • British Commonwealth of Micronations
  • Cesidian Root
  • Fifth World Council (5WC)
  • Fifth World Council Accreditation Agency (5WCAA)
  • League of Sovereign Nations
  • Micronational Professional Registry (MPR)
  • St. Anton Conference
  • United Chatham Park Micronations
  • Leauge of Seccionist States
  • United Micronations
  • League of Micronations