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What is MicroNations Fandom?

MicroNations Fandom is a sister-site to MicroWiki, which uses the MediaWiki software in order to function. Unlike MicroWiki, we use Fandom Wikia to host our plethora of micronational articles.

Micronationalism and Simulationism

Before editing on MicroNations Fandom, ask yourself this question: "Am I a micronationalist or a simulationist?". A micronationalist is someone who claims a small land mass that is (in most cases) easily accessible to them, such as their backyard, a local park, their bedroom, or their house. For example, the Republic of Molossia claims their property in Dayton, Nevada.

Micronationalists do not make any false claims about their nation. They do not make ridiculous claims such as having an army of six thousand soldiers and/or several war machines such as battleships or tanks. If those claims were true, it wouldn't be a micronation. If you want to make these claims you know are not true, find a political simulation Wikia. Micronationalism is not a political simulation! Micronationalists might have small military forces, but they are almost always for ceremonial purposes only. Take Molossia's M.S. Wombat as an example, it is an inflatable boat, not a battleship. Micronational war is an extremely rare event. A true armed conflict would have to result in actual injury and utilize actual weapons, whether that be primitive sharpened sticks or a pistol. One of the only (actual) armed micronational conflicts in history is that of the Sealand hostage crisis, where actual weapons were used, an and actual hostage was taken. If you wish to have fictional micronational wars, such as civil wars, video game wars, or wars with nations across the globe from you, consider going to a simulationist Wikia instead.


If you have any questions about micronationalism, simulationism, or the MicroNations Fandom in general, please ask any of our administrators.