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GWL Democratic Republic, Officially known as Democratic People's Republic of Gaming With Lit, (Filipino: Demokratikang Republika ng Gaming With Lit Vonese: Деимократика Республиека де ЙФСР Romanized: Deimokratika Respublieka de JFSR ) also known as GWL Free Republic is a microstate located in Southeast Asia.


GWL Democratic Republic started as a political party in the name of "Socialist Party of GWL". After the GWL Civil War, GFR was founded in February 1 and overthrew the former VK Government. Afterwards, GFR conquered Sabah, which is claimed by the Republic of The Philippines in the 1960s.


GFR is a One-Party Social Democratic Republic. It follows the ideology of Socialism and the state created branch of Socialism called " Litthism ". GFR's highest rank is the Supreme Leader, Which is Gaming With Lit himself, the founder. Here are the other Diplomatic Ranks as it follows:

General Secretary

General Secretary Serves as the Head of Government of the nation. The average term in office of a General Secretary is 2-6 years.


The Senate is divided into two, the High Council and the Low Council


The religion of the micronation is Christianity, mostly roman catholic. This is followed by Islam and Buddhism.