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Jack Lesoine Jack Lesoine 23 January 2021

Daliy imperial news 1

Not much is really happening right now.

the COVID 19 virus has not yet reached the jack empire

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Acorn64 Acorn64 8 July 2020

For the love of God learn how to format an article

Many newcomers cannot correctly format a wiki article which leads to the wiki being riddled with poorly made pages. Some of these pages don't even have potential as micronations, but some of them do, so to help maximize potential, I was thinking of making a page explaining how to format an article, but probably nobody's gonna read it. I might go ahead with it anyway but don't be surprised if your article that consists entirely of a title header gets deleted.

-Tovor Kimyona, Governor of Egan

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Deutschlandkaiser Deutschlandkaiser 28 August 2018

MicroWiki Foundation: August 2018 Update

Good day MicroWikians and unique visitors,

Recently the administration team of MicroWiki has, in order to improve the online encyclopedia and ensure the active adherence of our policies, cleaned up the website over the period of a few months. The MicroWiki Staff have also, as a result of this tedious cleanup, dealt with vandals and constant policy-violators. With that written however, we, the MicroWikian community, must continue to work towards making our encyclopedia comparable with the macronational Wikipedia. Our contributors must also continue to notify the staff of any acts of vandalism and policy-violation.

Nothwithstanding the moderation and cleanup of MicroWiki, we have begun to notify our users and visitors that we have re-enabled the…

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