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Republic of Agelonia
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Socialism, Liberalism - These are our words!

Capital city Dragin
Official language(s) Russian, Belarusian (Narkomouka), Ukrainian, Agelonian, German (das DDR-Deutsch), Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Rusyn, Finnish, Hungarian, Gagauz, Romanian (Latin and Cyrillic), Moldavian, Bulgarian, Serbian (Cyrillic)
Official religion(s) Orthodoxy (de facto), Atheism (de jure)
Demonym Agelonian
Government Authoritarian presidential-parliamentary socialist republic
- President of Agelonia Vuk Pétrovich
Legislature Council of Deputies of the Republic of Agelonia
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 20
- Last election - Not held
Established Did not declare independence
Currency Agelon (AGL)
Time zone UTC+2:00/UTC+3:00 (Without DST)
National dish Multinational cuisine
National drink Soviet drinks, kvass and birch sap
National animal Zubr and squirrel
Patron saint Socialist leaders
Internet Domain .by, .eu, .su

The Republic of Agelonia (Rus. Республика Агелония; Bel. Рэспублiка Агелонiя; Agl. Rēpubliča Agelonija) is a state located in the south of Belarus in one of the districts of the Gomel region.


The Republic of Agelonia was officially founded on 17 March, 2018. Initially, the Republic of Agelonia was a project to create an ideal state, but over time it was decided to implement the project as a micronation.

Political structure


The President of the Republic of Agelonia has the supremacy of the executive branch and has broad legislative powers, and is also the guarantor of the observance of the constitution. The scope of the President's powers, enshrined in the constitution and legislation, is comparable to a dictatorship.


Parliamentary powers are exercised by the Council of People's Deputies, the Congress of Local Representatives, the Congress of Local Deputies and local bodies of parliamentary self-government.

Elections and referendums

At the time of November 2021, elections and referendums were not held in the Republic of Agelonia.

Political parties

Agelonian Republican Party

It is the ruling party of the Republic of Agelonia under the leadership of the president. Party ideology is agelonism (as part of socialism) and socialism (marxism-leninism, stalinism, brezhnevism, titoism, kadarism and democratic socialism).

Ideology of Agelonia

Agelonism is based on socialism, liberalism, authoritarianism, cultural conservatism, initiative democracy, alterglobalism, anticlericalism, pragmatism, anti-SJW, sovietism, pan-slavism, civic nationalism, antiislamism, meritocracy and euroscepticism.


Administrative division

The Republic of Agelonia is a unitary republic with autonomies.


The sphere of competence of the Republic of Agelonia is small and difficult to calculate. The territorial claims of the Republic of Agelonia are extensive, which leads to attacks from other micronations. The government considers it bad form to call large territorial claims signs of simulation and frivolity, since the claims are "realizable" (not territories on the Moon or Mars), and we are not talking about the actual control of these territories.


According to the legislation, only citizens and people with a residence permit are considered to be a population, but due to the lack of a citizenship system, the number of the population is zero.


The Republic of Agelonia has been developing a full-fledged citizenship system similar to the macronational one since 2019, but during this time it was not possible to complete it due to constant "improvements". In January 2022, a commission on citizenship affairs will be held where a decision on this issue will be given. The plans include the temporary introduction of formal citizenship and consideration of the implementation of a new project in the field of citizenship "Project Yuna", which is supposed to be developed together with other micronations.

Culture and media



The red star of socialism and the yellow outline of liberalism are symbols of the basic values of the state ideology.

Blue is the color of the peaceful sky, red is the color of fire in the hearts of the people of Agelonia, green is the color of fields, meadows and forests.

Copyright in Agelonia

The term of copyright is 20 years during the lifetime of the author and 5 years after the death of the author. The Republic of Agelonia supports the freedom of copying information.

Human rights and freedoms

Censorship in Agelonia

Political and artistic censorship is present in Agelonia, but the country continues to adhere to the ideology of liberalism. Art censorship is mainly focused on the prevention of poor-quality products and materials not considered acceptable. Political censorship focuses on the fight against extremism (SJW (feminism, LGBT (organizations and ideology), BLM, environmentalism, animal rights), religious political movements (islamism, christian democracy) anarchism, nazism, pro-life, antifa, incels).

As of 24 December, 2021, 121 films, 106 sites and 7 organizations are banned in the Republic of Agelonia.

Religion in Agelonia

In Republic of Agelonia, people can practice any religion, but with restrictions established by law.

Foreign policy

Foreign policy is aimed at cooperation with other states, expanding the sphere of influence through organizations and treaties. The Republic of Agelonia tries not to participate in conflicts if these conflicts do not affect the interests of the country. The constitution prohibits participation in military blocs, but not cooperation.

Domestic policy


Basic (9 years), secondary (11 years) and specialized secondary education (9 or 11 years + college, technical school, lyceum, institute or vocational school) is completely free. Applicants who scored the highest scores on centralized testing are entitled to free higher education, the rest receive education on a paid basis.

Health care

In the Republic of Agelonia, first and second level medicine is free (excluding plastic surgery), third level medicine is completely paid.

Criminally-legislative system

At the moment we are using the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, with some specific amendments. The death penalty is applied in the Republic of Agelonia.



The currency of Agelonia is Agelon. The use of cryptocurrencies is permitted and not regulated, but mining and NFT are prohibited.

Refinancing rate

The refinancing rate is 10%.

Exchange rates

Date 1 BYN 1 RUB 1 USD 1 EUR 1 GBP 1 PRB 1 XDR
25.10.2021 5,8824 0,203 14,4 16,75 19,8 0,8945 20,23
03.05.2021 5,8309 0,2 15,2 18,25 21,2 0,9441
31.03.2021 5,8824 0,204 15,5 18,3 21,3 0,9627
25.02.2021 6,0241 0,2127 15,68 19,1 22,214 0,9743
20.01.2021 6,25 0,2162 15,945 19,294 21,691 0,993

Additional currencies

Date 1 TWD 1 MXN 1 CNY 1 TRY 1 JPY 1 UAH 1 KZT 1 ZLT 1 BGN
25.10.2021 0,528 0,72 2,24 1,5 0,1265 0,545 0,0337 3,62 8,51
03.05.2021 0,534 0,742 2,31 1,81 0,138 0,537 0,0347 3,96
31.03.2021 0,5425 0,751 2,36 1,86 0,1415 0,5537 0,0364 3,9
25.02.2021 0,565 0,769 2,433 2,1923 0,1483 0,561 0,0377 4,223
20.01.2021 - 0,8106 2,46 2,144 0,1533 0,5665 0,0379 4,26

Micronational currencies

Date 1 SPL 1 GCU 1 DRM 1 ABT 1 ATS
25.10.2021 86,4 1,38 9,66 21,6 36,846
03.05.2021 91,2 1,5466 10,8262 22,8 37,737
31.03.2021 93 12,6 10,3572 23,25 37,8
25.02.2021 94,08 14,55 11,96 23,52 37,9755
20.01.2021 95,67 13,412 11,0246 23,9175 37,9559

Agelonian companies

State companies

ARCUT, Agelonoton, ARCOIMTERA, ANTRC, Agelonbank, RAPS and Tuwezex.


  • VAT - 20%
  • Unified social tax - 20%
  • Tobacco tax - 80%
  • Electric vehicle tax - 50% + VAT
  • Corporate tax - 7 - 70%
  • Church donation tax - 20% of the donation amount
  • Exchange tax - 0,5% + 300 AGL
  • Vehicle registration tax - 1500 - 1000000 AGL


Entity AGL BYN USD Date In Belarus/BYN USD
Minimum wage 3200 544 213,33 10 December 2021 418,14 164,95
Minimum labor pension 1930 328,1 128,67 293,47 115,77
Social pension (by age) 1500 255 100
Unemployment benefits 1000 170 66,67 58 (Maximum) 22,88
Living wage 1910 324,7 127,33 283,46 (Average) 111,82

Diplomatic relations and alliances

The Republic of Agelonia recognizes all UN members, PRC and Taiwan, Israel and Palestine, Abkhazia and PMR and does not recognize Kosovo. We also recognize all members of the CA, GUM and RIC.

Entity Date of alliance/recognition Notes

1 April 2018 (I.D.R)

Mutual recognition, alliance, I.D.R, RIC
Republic of New Rizalia

2 April 2018 (Alliance & Diplomacy)

Diplomacy, Alliance, RIC

Democratic Republic of Peipohja
x April 2018 (Diplomacy) Diplomacy, RIC

22 April 2018 (Alliance & Diplomacy)

Alliance, Diplomacy, RIC
Kingdom of Pollomaa 1 July 2018

Mutual recognition and I.D.R

Republic of Cycoldia 1 July 2019 (Sanctions) Total isolation
Republic of Long Island 4 July 2020 (Sanctions) Total isolation
Forwardist Republic of Eastasia 5 July 2020 (MR) Mutual recognition
Entity Notes
Reformed Intermicronational Confederation Member
North-Western Alliance Member
MDU Member

Contact details

Email: Agelonia-Gov@protonmail.com (Temporarily unavailable)

Additional Information